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Dr. Nirved Jain - Hair Transplant Specialist


Artificial hairs are natural looking synthetic fibers of polyamide having a knot at the base. These synthetic fibers or artificial hairs are directly implanted into the skin with the help of an “implanter” one by one. These fibers are imported from Japan and Italy. Japanese fibers come by the name of “NIDO” and Italian fibers as “Biofiber”. These fibers are available in different colors and shades. They exactly match the natural hairs. At Blue Venus Plastic Surgery Dr. Nirved Jain has been doing this for the last Fifteen years in selected patients.

What are the methods of doing artificial hair transplant?

  1. Japanese Nido fibers.
  2. Italian Bio Fibers.

Under local anaesthesia the artificial fibers are implanted one by one into the balding patch by a manual implanter. The number depends on the density required. In one sitting more than three thousand artificial hairs can be transplanted.

Who is a good candidate for artificial hair transplant?

 Any person who does not have enough hairs on the scalp for transplantation or wishes to have instant results is a good candidate for artificial hair transplant.

What are the advantages of artificial Hair Transplant?

  1. All patients who have limited donor area can undergo this procedure.
  2. No downtime, immediate results are visible.
  3. Color and texture match is 100%.
  4. Age is no bar provided the person is otherwise medically fit.
  5. These hairs are implanted directly into the skin, so need not have to be removed and cleansed like a wig.

What are the disadvantages of artificial Hair Transplant?

  1. Test patch: Before doing a major artificial hair transplant, a test patch of 100 fibers has to be done and left for a period of one month to see if the person is not having any rejection.
  2. There is a regular fall of 20% hairs per year, hence yearly transplantation of few fibers is necessary.
  3. Regular cleaning of transplanted hairs is a must every two to three months as a sebum plug is formed at the site of transplantation and if not cleaned it leads to infection and falling of hairs.
  4. These hairs never grow in size as they are artificial.
  5. In two to five percent patients there is a rejection of these artificial hairs.

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