Ion Magnum Coolsculpt

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Ion Magnum Coolsculpt

Ion Magnum is a non-invasive and safe technology that reduces your stubborn fat without exerting any strain on the body. Ion magnum ensures long term fat loss unlike the traditional weight loss methods.

The Ion Magnum is an advanced fitness system that rapidly burns fat and delivers the benefits of an intense, professional workout without the pain, physical exertion or inconvenience of conventional exercise.

How Ion Magnum is performed?

  • To achieve sustained fitness and good health, a 10 treatment program with sessions spaced 2-3 days apart is recommended. Maintenance treatments can be done once every two weeks.
  • The Ion Magnum is a pretty intimidating looking machine with lots of wires. Then Cold metal plates attached to these wires were strapped all over the treatment area.
  • The Ion Mangum is a machine which can perform muscle-toning workouts using 12 waveform frequencies.
  • The initial part of the treatment works at a deep level, targeting visceral fat and toning your muscles.
  • Then during the next stage the feeling changes and feels more like a rolling, massaging sensation which works to tighten the skin.
  • After 30 minutes of using the Ion Magnum re-measure your waist, legs and hips, you will lost an inch off all areas, and generally felt tighter and more toned.
  • It is a device based on Nanotechnology is used to deliver Pure Analog Multisine Waveform composed of 3000 sine waveforms.

Is it painful?

Absolutely not. It is a refreshing treatment which is suitable for prevention of a sagging face as well as proving a very natural facelift

How much duration generally takes?

It takes generally 25 – 30 minutes of treatment, you will be able to see visible effective results, and Most of the patients lose 2 -3 inches per session depending on the fat despotion and body time

What Are The Benefits Of Ion Magnum?

  • High tech compact workout: each 30 minute session is more effective than many hours of training in a gym
  • Up to 5000 calories burned in one session
  • The solution to fast effortless inch lost
  • Naturally increases metabolic rate
  • Reduces visceral fat
  • Speeds up muscle building
  • 16 channels enables simultaneous treatment of arms, abs and thighs
  • Sports injury rehabilitation
  • Jump starts exercise regime
  • Increases stamina
  • Detoxification & Anti-Ageing Effects
  • 2000 waveforms for unparalled cellular resonance
  • Skin Firming Effects

For whom this treatment is suitable?

This treatment is suitable for patients who are looking for a non-surgical, non-invasive and painless option for inch loss and lifting of sagging body parts.


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