Oxygen Facial

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What is oxygen facial all about ?

It is a beauty treatment that gives the mixture of elements like oxygen, vitamins, nutrients, antioxidents, minerals, some anti aging serums and other which are all together applied into the layers of skin. It helps in flushing out harmful bacteria that live within our pores, help to restructure your skin visibly plumping out fine lines, the skin increases its collagen, giving you a naturally firmer and clearer appearance, providing an immediate lifting effect and an on-going improvement in tone.


  • It improves the quality of your skin by Increasing firmness
  • Serum is treated into the skin layers which plump and smooth the lines and wrinkles.
  • The important benefit is it replaces moisture which is lost from your skin.
  • Provides oxygen to all levels of the skin.
  • Ensures a more hydrated skin.

From the treatment of Dr. Nirved Jain a paiteint may see immediate result just by one treatment. Oxygen facial consist of atleast four to six course of treatment to achieve desire results, however it depends on your skin type. By this treatment a patient can go to its normal lifestyle and daily routine without any side effect and interruption.

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