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Dr Nirved Jain - Fibroadenoma Surgery Specialist


Fibroadenomas are solid non-cancerous breast lumps that occur in women of fifteen to thirty-five years of age. These lumps feel, smooth, rubbery or hard and have a well-defined shape. These are usually painless and move easily under the skin when examined hence also known as “Breast Mouse” in common language. Nearly ten per cent of women has fibroadenoma in their breasts as a single or multiple lumps on one or both sides. Their size is affected by the hormonal fluctuations.

How is fibroadenoma diagnosed?

The best diagnostic tool is ultrasound. However, confirmation is by FNAC or excision Biopsy.

What are the types of fibroadenoma?

Fibroadenomas may be simple or complex or giant. Simple Fibroadenomas are mostly up to 3cms and not associated with any cyst inside.

Complex Fibroadenomas are larger than 3cms and have associated cyst inside.

Giant Fibroadenomas are very large fast growing adenomas mostly seen in teenager girls.  

What is the treatment of Fibroadenoma?

All Fibroadenomas above 2cms should be excised. This has to be very carefully done as it is a disease of young women where disfigurement and scarring is a major issue. At our centre, we always use the periareolar route for enucleating Fibroadenomas as it produces minimal/ no scarring. For giant Fibroadenomas we remove them by the inframammary route. These two areas of incisions produce minimal scarring and maintain the aesthetics of the breast.

What are the risks of developing cancer in fibroadenoma?

With no previous history of breast cancer in the family, the chances of developing cancer in fibroadenoma are less than 0.0025 per cent.

What are the complications of fibroadenoma surgery?

The only complication apart from haemorrhage and infection is scarring both internally and externally. Internal scarring in the breast tissue interferes with future imaging necessary for screening purposes. External scarring spoils the aesthetics of breasts. Both of these can be avoided by meticulous dissection in the breast tissue and proper placement of incisions in the periareolar area / inframammary fold.   

What anaesthesia is used for fibroadenoma surgery?

Small fibroadenoma near the nipple areolar complex can be removed under local anaesthesia. However, the larger ones need to be removed under general anaesthesia.

Do I need to stay in the hospital?

In most cases, it is done as a day care procedure and the patient is discharged on the same day of surgery.

When can I resume work after fibroadenoma surgery?

The very next day work can be resumed however weight lifting and heavy exercises should be avoided for three weeks.

Is fibroadenoma surgery painful?

Mild soreness in the breast is expected for three days which can be very well controlled with pain medications.

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