Nipple Reconstruction Surgery

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Dr. Nirved Jain - Nipple Reconstruction Specialist

Nipple Reconstruction

Nipple reconstruction is an important component of breast reconstruction; it completes the procedure, and it is more appealing now that specialized tissues and tattooing can be used. The nipple and areola transform the reconstructed mound into a breast. When breast reconstruction is done correctly and the nipple-areola reconstruction is attractive, the overall result is pleasing and natural.

How is nipple reconstruction surgery performed?

Several approaches can be used in the reconstruction of nipple, depending on the condition of your new breast and surgeon's preferences.

Nipple reconstruction can be done by both surgical and nonsurgical methods:


  • Local flap reconstruction,
  • Skin grafting, and
  • Nipple autograft.


  • 3D tattoo
  • Temporary 3D tattoo
  • Prosthetic nipples

How much time is required for nipple reconstruction procedure?

Generally, it takes around 1 to 2 hours to complete depending on the type of operation performed.

Is nipple reconstruction surgery permanent?

Yes, It is permanent however, surgically created nipples may flatten and tattoos may fade, necessitating additional procedures to maintain projection and color.

How long is the recovery from a nipple reconstruction surgery?

The recovery is rather quick by using a tattoo, the patient may return to work the following day. Using a flap technique, the recovery will be in two weeks approximately

intense exercises are avoided for three to four weeks in order to allow the surgical scars to heal. However, walking is encouraged beginning the evening of the procedure.

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