Breast Reduction

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Dr Nirved Jain - Breast Reduction Specialist 

Breast Reduction (Mammoplasty)

Many women live with breasts that are out of proportion with the rest of the body, breast reduction, is a surgical procedure which reduces and reshapes the size of overly large breasts.

Prior to the procedure, Dr Nirved will meet you personally to discuss your goals and expectations for breast reduction surgery. Each procedure Dr Nirved does is fully customized for the individual patient.

What is the procedure for reduction mammoplasty?

The Breast reduction procedure is performed under general anaesthesia and takes about two to four hours. The timing of the procedure depends on the techniques used and each patient’s individual case.

There are several different types of incisions that Dr Nirved uses for this procedure. Dr Nirved will determine the best type for you after evaluating your breasts.

How long will it take to recover from reduction mammoplasty?

After the breast reduction procedure, patients will likely experience soreness, swelling and bruising for some days. Most patients return for work in 5 to 7 days. Patients should avoid exercise and other physical activity for at least three to four weeks.

It is important to see Dr Nirved for regular follow-up visits to ensure that your breasts are healing properly.

Will I have scars after reduction mammoplasty?

Scars will not be very noticeable and will fade over time. The size of the scar depends on the incision used for the procedure.

After how many days breast reduction results be seen?

Breast reduction results are noticeable immediately after surgery. They will continue to improve as swelling and bruising subside. The results of Breast Reduction Surgery are permanent. Your breasts can enlarge if you gain a substantial amount of weight.

What risks are associated with mammoplasty procedure?

Although Breast Reduction Surgery is safe for most patients, there can be certain risks in special cases. Most patients undergo this procedure with no serious complications. Dr Jain will discuss these and other risks with you prior to surgery, ensure that your procedure goes as smoothly as possible.

Does a breast reduction affect breastfeeding?

With the advancement of technology and science in mammoplasty, there is less of a chance of the procedure affecting your breastfeeding ability. Traditional reduction mammoplasty uses larger incisions that remove some milk ducts. Now it’s safer and risk-free.

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